Steps To Remember While Writing A Statement Of The Problem

Research proposals are an in-depth study of the given topic. The writer of the research proposal thoroughly researches about the topic and compiles all the relevant information in a systematic manner. The information is collected from multiple different sources and then compiled altogether in one place. This is quite beneficial for future researchers and students who are trying to find information of the topic. The statement of the problem of any research proposal is the outline of question which is studied and discussed in the study. The statement of the problem is often separately graded from the overall grade of the research proposal by the instructors. However, there are certain basic tips to follow while writing the statement of the problem if you want to make it better in quality.

Description of the problem

First and foremost, you must describe the problem on which you have conducted your research and written the proposal. There should always be a specific problem to research on and without that your research will not make any point or get through the approval step. The statement of problem must include a brief description of the problem so that the readers get an instant idea regarding the main topic of the following research that they are about to read.

Solution of the problem

After the description of problem, mention the solution of the problem that you will suggest and further elaborate in your research. There should be a solution to the problem and you must mention it in your research proposal. Any problem without a solution just remains the problem and there would be no pint left in researching on it in-depth if you cannot suggest a solution. The solution will help the readers to understand the causes as well and people who will be needing information on the topic in the future will be able to see a clear straight path and research on the topic accordingly.

Purpose of the objective

There is always a purpose behind selecting any particular problem or objective. In the statement of the problem, mention your reason for selecting that particular problem and why you decided to research on it and not anything else. The purpose will let the readers understand the complexity of the solution or how much impact does it have on the surroundings.  The purpose will also help the readers to understand why is it important for them to read the research and how can the learnt information being put into practical application.

Scope of the study

In the end, you must mention the scope of the study. Scope is the ways in which the study would be useful after it completion. There could be different types of scope including the study being helpful for future students to study about the said topic or for the professors to use it as a reference while teaching pupils about the said topic. There could be other scope as well such as impact on future scientific discoveries or practical analysis. Mentioning the scope helps the readers to get a clear idea of the usefulness and impact of the study for future generations.

Statement of the problem holds quite a great value in the research proposal and usually the instructors and professors assign a certain part of the total marks only o the statement of the problem. If the statement is written properly and well structured with all the requirements mentioned, then full marks are granted to the writer. While some professors mention the marks separately, others keep it hidden and then deduct it in the end if the statement does not fall in the required frame. Therefore, it is important to properly write the statement of the problem which is detailed enough to explain your points but not too long.

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