Top Technologies of 2017 for Students and Teachers

Abacus was the first to introduce the computer learning by means of plastic moving parts using a slide rule or click. The only reason of doing this was to introduce an easy and interesting thing in the learning environment. Today, there is not any field of education, program or teaching environment that is without considering the technologies.

In almost each university and colleges teachers are using SMART boards for making their lectures interactive and grasping the interest of the students by means of attractive information and pictures. Due to the advancement in the learning environment students are getting many benefits from the web software’s and websites, as they are considering self-directing as the priority of their learning.

Expanding of the textbooks is almost destroyed, but still, they are available, the writers are writing and publishers are publishing and circulating, they have made changes in the development of knowledge digitally. The digital pens and unique digital capture paper are completely transforming the note taking. Classrooms are also getting change, due to the explosion of mobile devices like laptops, smart-phones, tablets and others. These are playing a vital role in the learning classroom system.

These are the technologies that were considered as the threat for students and for the learning environment, but, now due to these technologies a great change or positive change has been seen in the learning system. The technology tools can be used to learn or get information about any topic and at any time, anybody can get the benefit of these technologies as much as they want.

The best technologies of 2017 that would be helpful to the students and teachers are as follows:

  • Application to streamline the administration.
  • Hackerspace.
  • Virtual reality.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Streamlined information services.

Application to streamline the administration

These applications are considered as beneficial for teachers, due to its tracking feature. Teachers can use this technology for taking attendance, grading as well as for managing the classroom seating arrangement by means of the Smart-Desk. It also does lesson planning of the selected or given to topic Learn-Boost.

Hacker spaces

A hackerspace is a tool that works by analyzing the physical location of a person, for collecting information it uses the websites or resources that are rich in knowledge and mostly visited by the public. It can provide information regarding any topic, project or network. This tool uses the space of community environment, for instance, library, campus, any organization or community centre. A hackerspace is also useful in connecting campus to campus. It focuses and offers joint projects of the students by analyzing the skills and interests that match with one and other.

A hackerspace is considered as the sector of once own created learning methodology, the provided learning schemes are mostly of the finest quality. The tool offers the organization of learning by own for providing an opportunity to create ownership for self-projects that student not only design, they describe them as well.

Virtual Reality

It is used to smooth the progress of the conception of simulating real life with different activities. This tool is used to let the student differentiate the topics that they study with their actuality. Students can feel the things as they are sensing them in real, through the digital environment. This grabs the attention and generates motivation in the students for knowing things more as well as due to these students gets focused on the outcomes of their learning.

Augmented Reality:

It is used to do digital improvements in different learning environments as well as, it is ready to give the real sense of things that are happening.

Streamlined information services

It is used for simplifying the workflow as well as for maximizing the automation. Students and teachers can manage their tasks by means of this application in few steps without any difficulty. It saves the time by providing the following benefits:

  • Manages the holdings (electronic and print both).
  • Gives the order to the things.
  • Due to the functional auto-complete tool, you can easily find the retailer and different packages on the basis of listed titles.
  • It highlights user’s database.
  • Can upload and download data.
  • Can update and remove data.


  • The suggested tools save the time of students and teachers, provide them rich information and facilities with low pricing.
  • One can learn at any time, these tools are available 24/7.
  • Its keep a track of progress in the courses made by students makes things easy for teachers/students.
  • The tools are discreet.

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