Executive Summary

This paper seeks mainly to establish the feasibility of Frank’s expansion plan. Frank previously designed a multimedia facility by setting up a downtown location in Lewisham borough. A PEST analysis has been portrayed in this study for a better explanation of Frank’s expansion. The peaceful and stable political conditions in Lewisham Borough will nevertheless allow Frank to grow the operations accordingly. The Lewisham borough economy is not as high as the majority of the population who reside in Lewisham are from lower or working class. Social factors are extremely critical as people living in Lewisham from various cultures and areas can be troublesome for Frank in its growth. Lewisham borough nevertheless is not well established technologically, however even people know about the latest technologies so Frank won’t have any problems. Legal questions in Lewisham borough are important, because this area is plagued by excessive drug problems and individuals do not comply with regulations. The climate in Lewisham borough has never been so well known and residents aren’t quite so conscientious towards the environment problems.


FRANK was formed in the year 2003 by the Health and Home Department and effectively provides free programs to discourage the use of drugs and contaminants. Most professionals in Frank offer resources to young individuals to save them from the risk of drugs. Frank’s primary interest is for young generation but Frank always offers parents different recommendations to save their kids from the lethal addiction to drugs. Frank offers services by email, on the internet and through a number of automated means, and is currently planning a downtown branch in Lewisham borough.

Task -1

PEST Analysis

There are also two important aspects that stand for PEST: environmental and legal, which are essential for PEST analysis too. PEST is a political and economic, social and technological element. PEST, however, means a macro-environmental problem structure that is used to evaluate business environment (Bloomfield, 2018). It is a form of external analysis which carries out a strategic evaluation and gives an outline of the various environmental macro elements that will enable an organization to carry out its work properly. PEST analysis has been seen as a analytical method to establish an unambiguous framework for the situation, prospects, working environment, various scenarios and strategy for the success of business activities.

Lewisham Borough

The Lewisham borough in south London, England, was formed in the year 1965. Lewisham London Borough Council is the Lewisham Borough’s local authority. Lewisham Borough has a total population of 301,900 (Gold, 2019). The citizens in living in this borough relates to different ethnicities and countries. The viability of Frank expansion under the Lewisham borough can be determine through the Pest Analysis as being demonstrated under:


  • Employment laws
  • Political Stability
  • Safety
  • Regulations
  • Pay grade
In Lewisham borough, there is enough political stability and regulations are not so strictly followed by the people. Most residents in Lewisham borough are related to working class, however employment laws do not really enforce organisations appropriately Chaos is an ongoing situation in the workplace. The rate of drug use in this municipality is highest so that citizens cannot keep all rules safely, rather than develop various dangerous situations. Security at the workplace is also unpredictable and wage rates do not adhere exclusively. However it is really hard to explain the political scenario of Lewisham borough as here around 301,900 people do live. There are different underground systems in this area run by criminals. Because Frank seeks to enhance their operations in Lewisham borough, they needs to concentrate better on the political matters in Lewisham borough. It is obvious for Frank to ensure safety in the work place for all the employees and all the employees of Frank must enjoy proper pay grader (Ismail, 2019). Frank will also maintain all the rules and regulations of Lewisham borough for ensuring successful expansion of Frank. Trade regulations also help the business enterprises to grow Employment laws are also regulated properly by the Lewisham Borough that’s why organisations are bound to give proper rights to all the employees in the organisation. Trade regulations must be maintain properly by the organisation and in case any organisation violates the trade regulations then serious action will be taken against the organisation and for that reason prior to expanding the activities of business it is important for Frank to identify diverse trade regulations in order to manage them properly (Kordasiewicz, 2017).

  • Economic Growth
  • Interest rate
  • Business cycle
  • Unemployment
  • Inflation

Lewisham borough’s inflation rate is regulated, but the economy is not as strong. GDP is smaller than that in other jurisdictions. The rate set by the Bank of England is however acceptable for the district of Lewisham. Economic development in this city is extremely disappointing because the majority of the population is working class as well as the district has no heavy industrial zones. Criminal activities can be considered as a major problem for creating black market (Marchant, 2020). The Unemployment rate is also comparatively higher in this region as there are only a few number of industries have been established in this borough. Because of poor economy business cycle is really tough to complete. Economic situations are very critical for business growth, but because Frank offers free benefits to its workers, lower economic development is not an issue. But unemployment could be a great problem. Unemployment unleashes heavy depression which motivates a person to take drugs. So Frank must consider all of these issues before their expansion in Lewisham borough. In order to meet the economic possibilities of Lewisham borough, Frank has to look through their business cycle.

 Socio Cultural

  • Education
  • Major influences
  • Norms and Attitudes
  • Different cultures
  • Religion  and Language
  • Culture demographic


There are various kinds of citizens from various countries living in Lewisham borough with a different perspective. Different cultures live in Lewisham Borough. Different standards and attitudes arise in the district of Lewisham due to the diverse culture. Religion is yet another critical and sensitive topic. Various kinds of individuals are of different religions in Lewisham borough and recognizing faith is important for business organizations. Just as Frank intends to broaden in Lewisham borough so they need to recognize the significance of religion throughout Lewisham borough and all their operations need to be professionally carried out. Education is yet another important matter, and drugs are very common in Lewisham borough due to the current absence of education. Education also has to be assured. Frank wants people to realize the value of education (Kordasiewicz, 2017). Because there are individuals from various backgrounds in Lewisham, it is therefore necessary for Frank to maintain an interpreter and other instruments to ensure correct contact with the workers in this regard. However, a company needs to adjust the culture of particular areas in order to conduct certain operations correctly prior to extension of business activities.

  • Communication technology
  • New production
  • Government expenditure on research
  • New product materials
  • IT knowledge
  • Adopting latest technology


The technological details are yet another crucial issue. It is necessary for government budgets to be dedicated to work that helps to recognize the advanced technologies. As Lewisham borough is an economically poor place, the majority of people are often not consistent. Even though, Lewisham Borough is technologically developed and the government spends a huge amount of money in the technological research so this is a suitable place for expansion Frank can use many communications technology to help Frank control its service providers efficiently. Lewisham borough is predominantly an occupation community so they don’t have the capabilities to adopt latest technologies however Frank can introduce latest technologies and help people to understand whats the importance of latest technologies. The people of Lewisham borough also don’t have proper IT knowledge, so as an organisation Frank will take account of Lewisham borough’s technological challenges and afterwards take an adequate step before extending its operations and laying the groundwork in Lewisham borough.

Task -2: Recommendation for Frank’s Expansion

  1. Because Frank plans to expand its operations in Lewisham borough it is important that Frank carries out various study based on relevant details. The findings of the study will enable Frank recognize various problems in London Borough. Frank will indeed be capable to find the correct solution to various problems by doing multiple studies. In a new area different variables may be required for development to be adequately evaluated. In order for Frank to have a clear understanding of the Lewisham borough, they will conduct a study on the policies, environment, and social elements. Frank must recognize, through study, what steps they would undertake and also what approach they needs to follow in order to expand their work in Lewisham borough (Mukadam, 2020).
  2. Frank needs to carry out an SWOT review to recognize capabilities, vulnerabilities, incentives, and risks correctly before extending activities in Lewisham borough. SWOT review can help Frank recognize how his strengths can be used in terms of growth and how his vulnerabilities can be eliminated. Frank needs to develop a good strategy to use its strengths. Frank may have different opportunities to increase their organization and must recognize and take advantage of the opportunities. It is also important that Frank assess the problem and challenges that occur in London district when extending its operations in a new location, and therefore it takes appropriate action.
  3. Frank needs to properly describe his mission and dream as it plays a crucial role in overall achievement. Clearly articulated vision and mission help individuals have clear insight into the company and its operation. Franks subordinates must also grasp the task and the goal, as they will work as intended to achieve an objective and goal unless subordinates recognize the significance of their vision and mission (White, 2019)
  4. Funding is a critical concern; budget basically lets a company carry out its whole strategy. As Frank wants to expand their activities in Lewisham borough by establishing a face to face free advice drop in centre so they would need a large sum of money for purchasing or rent a location and different other infra structure cost will also be incurred. So at first Frank needs to make a list what type of costs will occur during the expansion and then Frank will need to gather their funding from different sources.
  5. Establishing close relationship along with the local individuals is much important for an organisation especially when they want to expand their activities in different region. Frank must analyse the norms, behave, attitude of the local people of Lewisham borough and then set proper strategy in which way Frank should communicate with the local people and establish a close relation with the. For instance: Frank can arrange different campaigns against the drugs which will help Frank to get in touch with the local people. By establishing a close relationship with the local people, Frank can achieve popularity which will help to accomplish their expansion in Lewisham borough.
  6. It is important and every firm and organizations should be operate according to the regulations and rules when performing their activities. In different region there are different types of rules and regulations which should be maintained properly otherwise strict action might be taken by the proper authority. Frank must need to learn what are the rules and legislations they need to follow for successfully expanding their activities in Lewisham borough. There could be some barriers in this borough but still Frank need to abide by all the rules properly. Frank also need to ensure that all of their employees perform their activities by maintain the rules and regulations of Lewisham borough.
  7. Communication tool is one of the significant concerns and therefore it is necessary that Frank should be required to choose flexible and easy communication methods for ensuring proper communication with the local people and their staffs. There are different type of people do live in Lewisham borough so they might have different culture, language, religion etc. In this perspective Frank must choose various communication strategies so that all the local people can easily explain their problems to Frank and can get proper advices. The local people may not have expertise in English that’s why Frank must use translator to communicate with them. Some people may prefer to communicate in a formal and some do prefer the informal way, some people prefer the oral and some do prefer the written communication, so before expanding the activities in Lewisham borough, Frank must have clear understanding upon all of these things (Ismail, 2019).
  8. Promotional activities plays very significant role in the perspective of establishment or expansion of business. However Frank need to use different sources for ensuring proper promotion like Frank can arrange different seminars regarding the dangerous impact of drug addiction, Frank may arrange different campaigns against drugs misuse, Frank can also various Medias like TV advertisements, Radio programs. As people spend most of their time in social sites so Frank may emphasis on social sites like Face book, twitter and these things will help Frank to have a good promotion.
  9. Cost is a very significant issue for expanding as well as establishing business activities. When an organisation plans to expand they must ensure that they have proper capabilities to use their resources properly and minimise their costs as well. As Frank is a free service provider so they don’t earn any profit from their activities and that’s the reason Frank needs to be more careful about their cost and should develop different strategies for reducing the costs. Frank needs to recruit skilled and expert employees who can perform all their activities properly in a cost effective manner.
  10. Frank’s administration should evaluate the success of its staff and then take appropriate action. Though, Frank should decide which workers are required to improvise and that is the reason Frank should plan various training sessions to strengthen the organization. A skilled employee can perform all of his activities properly and can provide quality service to the service takers. So Frank must ensure training facilities for all of its employees.
  11. Frank’s administration shall monitor employee behavior and closely monitor service providers ‘ fulfillment. Frank must better supervise its operations and inspire its employees to work appropriately. Proper control and supervision also helps an organisation to accomplish their desired targets.
  12. The service providers or local people are also aware of another major issue. In Frank, a complaint office must be open to allow people to put up their complaints towards Frank’s services and guidance. Frank then investigates the grievances and takes appropriate action. By properly reviewing the complaints, Frank can improve their activities and provide quality advice as well.

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