Five Tips To Cope With Academic Stress

As students, we face a lot of mental stress during our entire academic life. Academic stress includes the stress of passing the exam, the stress of completing the assignment before the deadline, the stress of presentation, the stress of getting good grades and many other stresses. These stresses can be very deadly for students and can affect their physical and mental health negatively. It is very important to deal with these stresses before they affect us, it is better if we stop it from happening in the first place. These are five very useful tips that fight stress and deals with it effectively.

1.) Exercise

The best way to beat any kind of stress is to do some physical activity and exercise is the best form of physical activity, when a person does an exercise so it releases endorphins that stop all the negative thought in the brain. These negative thoughts are the main reason for stress; exercise stops these thoughts and stops stress. Physical exercises are known to sharpen our minds.

By doing exercise, we will keep ourselves happy so take a morning walk and do any kind of physical activity to stay calm.

2.) Sleep Well

Our body and brain are not made to function 24 hours a day; they also need rest to function properly. According to medical experts, we should sleep for at least 6 hours in a day but as a student, sleeping 6 hours a day can be difficult some times because of the workload. To complete their work, students stay up late night and have a little sleep; this negatively affects student physical and mental health.

The students should sleep regularly at the same time to beat the stress, according to Michael J. Daine, who is director of Core Psychological Services. Regular and proper sleep will not only deal with depression, but it will improve your memory and ability to learn, according to Michael J. Daine.

3.) Study harder and practice

The students get academic stress due to bad preparation, so the only way to beat this stress is study harder. When you study harder and do a lot of practice, you see perfection in yourself; this improves your confidence automatically and kills the stress.

We all have heard that practice makes a man perfect, so by practicing our academic work daily, we can easily deal with the stress. Studying harder will not only help you in dealing with the stress but will also help you in getting top grades.

4.) Visit student counselor

There is a reason why academic institutes hire a top academic psychologist and mental expert as a student counselor, these people know about mental problems that students face during their academic career and have a perfect solution for them, they help students by giving them help advises.

With their help, students can easily cope with the academic stress that they are facing, but many students are afraid to seek their help because they think that their friend will make fun of them if they catch them with a student counselor.

5.) Enjoy your life

The students should remember that life is like a rollercoaster sometimes you are flying up and sometimes you are falling down. In your academic career, you will see highs and lows. No matters what is going on in your life, you should always try to enjoy your life, especially when you are facing difficulties; play games, watch movies or spend some time with your friends, all these activities will help you cope with the academic stress better.

Even a doctor says that you should not study 24 hours, you should live a balanced life, try to enjoy your life also in order to have better academic performance. By studying 24 hours, your brain gets dull and finds it difficult to concentrate. When you do other activities, after your brain gets tired, your brain gets recharge and finds energy for studies.


The stress can be a very serious problem if students do not deal with it, students should follow these five tips to cope with the stress. The stress can hinder our performances, can become a life-threatening problem, and students should overcome it, as soon as they can.