Eleventh Hour Tips to Give Your Assignment a Quick Check before Submission

Ready to submit the assignment you’ve been working on day and night? Great! But, are you sure it’s completely free of errors?

Instead of going out for shopping, playing football and watching the latest Sherlock season, you’ve spent all your precious time on the assignment. Then, how can you submit it before giving it a double check?

Here are the simple last-minute checking tips which will help you earn good grades:

The clarity in the sentence:

Have you fully completed your assignment? Now without any delay, go through the complete assignment. It is a very hectic task to go through the paper at the last moment. Therefore, you should complete the assignment before the stipulated deadline. During the checking process, you should clearly focus on each and every sentence. You should strive to correct all the wrong sentence structures. An ambiguous sentence fails in delivering the message you aim to. Thus, you must look out for these and correct them immediately.


Proofreading is the imperative task to do before the submission of the assignment. Even the tiniest grammatical mistake or spelling error can cost you your grade. While doing the assignment in a flow, the students often make unintentional mistakes and overlook them in the first glance. Therefore, it is vital to effectively proofread your task once you are completely done with it.

These are some important aspects which you need to consider while proofreading:

  • Grammatical Errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Paragraphing problems
  • Heading and subheading formation
  • Sentence structures

Important Tip: You should not rely on the online spell checkers and grammar checking software.

The page numbers counts:

Why page numbers? You might be having this question in your mind. Imagine that you’ve written a flawless assignment. The examiner wants to look over a specific part of it. He has to struggle by shuffling through the pages of whole assignment. Isn’t it bad? The page-numbering will complement your index page. Many times, students ignore this aspect and secure bad grades.

In addition to that, the wrong page numbers can also create a sense of confusion and trouble for the examiner. Therefore, you should clearly check the series of page numbers prior to submission.

The proper format of citation:

Do you have the idea of the consequences due to improper citation or plagiarism? You should know. Therefore, ensure whether you’ve properly cited and referenced every source or not.

Focus on the quantitative data:

Just like any other part, you’ve to carefully check the tables, survey numbers, questionnaires and statistics you included in your assignment. There are least chances for them being incorrect but a slight error in decimal or signs may cost you your grade. If you use data sets from some source, then properly reference them as it might result in plagiarism.

Get the proper binding done:

Finally! There are few days left. You are almost near to submission procedure. If you’re submitting an assignment in hard copy then, gather all the papers and align them according to the page numbers you’ve allotted before. Get them properly bonded so that none of the page gets misplaced or lost.

Go through the Institution guideline paper:

Last but not the least, grab the institutional guidelines paper and go through your assignment in accordance with it. Ensure that the assignment abides by all the rules and do not violate any regulation. It will assist you in acing with flying colors. Fill out any forms or gather any mandatory documents to be attached with it. Consider the formats and checklists.

If you carefully consider all these aspects which are mostly ignored by the students, the top grades won’t be hard for you to achieve.

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