Ways to Super Charge Your College Application Essay

“Students you have to submit this assignment by the end of the week”. Only hearing these words makes us cringe. Writing is a task we have always dreaded, be it for some school assignment or for earning some extra money. No matter how much we dread writing, there’s’ one thing we always give our crucial concentration and that is when we are writing an application essay for college. Obtaining a place in the college we always dreamt of requires our essay to stand out. To make the selection board select us, an application plays a key role. It is a perfect place to give the admission officer a picture of who we are beyond our grades. There are thousands of applications that they receive every day and to make the application grab their attention we should try to make it sound smart.  Therefore, students spend the majority of their time in crafting an application that brings them in a dazzling limelight. One way to make your college application stand out is by step by step taking time to deliver an insightful essay that makes you proud. There are some tricks and tips that you can follow to make your college application interesting.

  • Brainstorm

Take a few minute and assume that you are the professor that is reviewing your application. Focus on the element that is important for you. Your college application should be a reflection of you as a person; it should not reflect a bragging aspect but incorporate words that convey your message in an intelligent way. Adopt a creative approach to and personalize it through your story. Add glimpses of things that are not encompassed in the other part of the application. Induce the goals that you are aiming for. Find a creative angle to your writing and describe why you will make a good college student.

  • Organize your writing

Once the brainstorming is done the next step that follows is a plan. Create an outline of your application. Strategize your application by planning the layout. Organizing the application helps in following a particular writing style throughout the application. Get your ideas following and thoughts on the paper. It doesn’t matter if you make mistake the priority is to define a pattern. Give attention to how your questions relate to the answer. The question that was asked has been answered or not. We need to make sure everything we write supports the viewpoint we are following in the application. Cater the answer of the questions that the reader might want an answer to as what are your best quality or the experience that shaped you or your reason why you want to attend a certain college.

  • Write it down

While writing the college application keep in consideration that it should not only encompass the grades and achievement but also include how these have contributed positively towards the overall itinerary of yours education. The main idea of your application should be followed from the start so that the reader is guided through that path throughout the application. It should capture your genuine personality. Keep your application focused, narrow and interesting from the start.

  • Use good vocabulary

Incorporating powerful words into your essay makes you stand out. To spice up your application, use advanced vocabulary but refrain from overdoing it. Avoid using clichés and generic phrases in your writing. Use words that sound innovation and creative.

  • Form good structural sentences

The structure of sentence while writing an application is fundamental. The structure of sentences can be compound, complex or perhaps a mixture of both. You can pick a certain sentence style throughout the application and use a different style at a time when you need to add impact.  Don’t elaborate the sentences and try to be concise.  Try to incorporate the information that is precisely important. Eliminate the use of slangs in your application. Writing succinctly helps saves the time on the part of the reader which depicts the idea that you value their time.

  • Seek qualified second opinion

It is not essential but important to take a second opinion on our written application. It helps to correct the mistakes that are glaringly apparent. Ask your teacher, parents or perhaps siblings to proofread it. There make be spelling or a certain typo mistake. For instance, the word “friend” can be “fried” or “word” can be “world”. This helps in identifying the errors and in finding out if the meaning is clear of the sentence. But make sure the application written is in your voice.

Don’t let the thought of writing a college application scare you. Make your application creative that makes you stand out among others. Transition all your thoughts in your application and try to only include the information that is absolutely necessary. Using the ways discussed will help supercharge your application essay and help you lend a place in your desired college.