Importance And Structure Of A Thesis Statement

Research papers are lengthy and written on a specific format. There are several requirements which should be fulfilled in the paper to make it well-structured. Along with specific sections that are introduction, body and conclusion there are multiple other important things as well. Some of these important elements of a research paper are methodology, thesis statement and literature review. Thesis statement serves as the most important of all.

What is a thesis statement?

The main idea or theory of any research paper is called the thesis statement. The rest of the information in the paper revolves around thesis statement and further elaborates it. Thesis statement is basically the base of the entire research paper. It should include all the main points that you plan to discuss in your paper. The points in the paper cannot exceed those which have been mentioned in the thesis statement. The length of the thesis statement should not exceed from two to three sentences.

Placement of it

The thesis statement should be placed in the beginning of the paper to make it visible. Since it contains the main idea and serves as the base, the readers should read it in the beginning only to get an immediate idea of the context of the entire paper. Include it in the introduction of the essay or if it is a lengthy research such as a thesis paper then in the second or the third paragraph. However, it should be before the body in all cases.


The thesis statement should be specific and completely stick to the point. A generalized statement does not fit the criteria and the writer might lose marks due to that. Always make sure that your thesis statement does not contain any generalized information or irrelevant points. Stick to your min ideas in the statement. Since it does not need t be long, you can easily make it specific.


You should mention your ideas and points very clearly in the statement. Use simple language and grammar to convey your idea so that the reader gets to understand it one go. You do not get too much of space to describe the words individually and the points are described extensively in the body of the paper therefore, the thesis statement should have as simple language as possible.

Discussing your position

The statement should clearly mention your position on the topic. The reader should be able to immediately grasp on whether you are supporting the topic or going against it. Clarify your position in the first sentence and then use the rest two further tell the readers the reasons of you selecting that specific side.


You should develop a statement which is original and not plagiarized. Remember that professors and checkers are not any fools, rather they have years of experience in the field and they can easily guess if the thesis statement is plagiarized and not original. Since the thesis statement is the basic requirement, readers usually read it the first thing in the paper. This way they can easily check if they are plagiarized. Additionally, there are a number of tools as well to check plagiarism.

There are other things as well in the paper. They should be equally given importance like the thesis statement. All the requirements collectively make the research paper or any assignment essay first class and worth an excellent grade. Writers and students should pay equal attention to each section of the paper as there is some sort of importance of each of them.

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