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International Student Loans in UAE: A Blessing to Finance Your Education

As the competition is rising in every walk of life, the students are looking forward to educational programs from prestigious institutions. Education is a vital part of our lives in order to achieve anything. But unluckily, the financial constraints act as a barrier in gaining the education. Parents with low wages want their children to get an identity but can’t afford an exorbitant amount of fee. Nowadays, the tuition fee of higher studies is going out of hand.

But, why should you students suffer? You are the gems of our education future. Therefore, we are here to help you discover the platforms for getting International Student Loans in UAE.

There are two types of loans that you can avail for your studies:

Personal Education Loans Offered By Banks:

These loans are to ensure that your education prospects are not jeopardized due to financial constraints. You can easily pursue your academic career and fulfill the dream of acquiring higher education. Here is a list of six best private loan lenders along with their details:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum Salary: AED 8,000
  • Minimum Age Required: 21 years
  • Duration of Service: Either confirmed or 6 months

Documents Required:

  • The original valid passport and a copy (along with valid residence visa if you’re an expatriate)
  • The original valid Emirates ID card and a copy
  • Bank account Statement for last 3 months
  • Quotation addressed to ADIB from University or School (according to ADIB’s format)


  • Maximum Financing: AED 250,000
  • Duration of loan repayment in installments: 48 months
  • You’ve to pay only 1% of your loan amount as the processing fee (Minimum AED 500 and Maximum AED 2,500)
  • Free option of postponement of the loan
  • Free Visa Cashback card issued by ADIB

Union National Bank Education Loan

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must be UAE resident expatriate
  • Minimum Salary: AED 5,000 per month
  • Minimum Age Requirement: 20 years, 5 months and 7 days old (At the time of application)

Documents Required:

  • Original salary certificate
  • Original Bank Statement of Salary (for last 6 months)
  • A copy of passport along with the Visa page
  • Copy of Emirates ID card or copy of your application for National ID card
  • Salary Transfer Letter (in required format)


  • You can avail a loan up to 20 times your salary (Maximum AED 500,000 as per terms and condition)
  • You can get the postponement of your loan repayment as per terms and conditions (Maximum AED 100 will be charged per postponement). Only 2 installment postponements are permitted in a year.
  • You’ll get a free of cost UNB credit card
  • The loan can be repaid over a period of 48 months

Mashreq Bank

Eligibility Criteria for No Salary Transfer Loan:

  • Minimum Monthly salary: AED 7,000
  • You should be employed with the current company for minimum one year.

Documents Required:

  • Salary Certificate
  • Copy of valid Emirates ID
  • A security cheque with 120% of loan amount
  • Filled personal loan application form provided by Mashreq
  • Copy of valid residence Visa
  • Copy of valid Passport
  • Bank Statement for last 3 months


  • Maximum Loan amount: AED 200,000
  • Repayment Loan tenure of up to 48 months
  • Availability of Islamic Financial option
  • Simple documentation and quick processing

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicants must be UAE nationals or resident expats.
  • Age requirement: Between 21-24 years (college and university students)

Documents required:

  • Copy of University ID card or Enrollment card given by the university
  • Original and a copy of valid Emirates ID card or visa or passport
  • Salary Certificate (if you’re applying for credit facility)



  • UAE resident expatriates who are employed in approved companies
  • Minimum Salary Requirement: AED 5,000

Documents Required:

  • Application form
  • Copy of the valid passport
  • Copy of the ID card issued by the Government or Labor card
  • Copy of Emirates ID card
  • Salary Certificate


  • Enjoy a Maximum Loan up to AED 200,000 and AED 500,000, without and with salary transfer respectively.
  • Flexible repayment tenures up to 48 months

ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank):


  • Simple documentation required
  • The interest rates are low
  • Long repayment time periods
  • Free ADCB credit card
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • The maximum loan that can be attained is AED 250,000

Information required in the online form:

  • Personal details- Name, Email and Language Preference
  • Contact Details- Address, PO Box, Emirate, Residence Tel (Including area code), Mobile Number
  • Employment details: Company name, Office Tel (Including area code), Fax (Including area code)
  • You should have a minimum salary of AED 8,000

Education Loans offered by Universities in UAE:

You can even avail the opportunity of getting loans, scholarships and grants from your own university. In order to apply for the loan, you’ve to contact the respective department of the university. Are you thinking to apply?

Wait! First, check your eligibility requirement to minimize the chances of application rejection.

Here are some of them but make sure to consider the ones specified by your own university. You should:

  • Be the regular student of University (obviously!)
  • have a valid User ID and password
  • have a valid student visa of UAE
  • fulfill the maximum salary criteria specified by your university
  • have the provision of the monthly income of the family
  • have a personal bank account in UAE
  • meet the English proficiency standard (for certain universities)
  • provide the passport of family members (in some university cases)
  • give the copy of valid university ID card and Student’s Emirates ID card

Here’s a list of some prestigious institutions in UAE which provides financial assistance to the students:

UAEU (United Arab Emirates University):

The university has established a department named Non-National Students Office to assist the expatriates. The staff of the department will help you in visa related matters, health insurance, financial issues and policies of University to make you feel like home. It will also act as a source of communication between you and governmental agencies. It provides a variety of facilities to the international students including UAE ID card fees, financial aid and University Housing. The students who qualify the financial aid criteria may receive assistances such as laptops or iPads.

Abu Dhabi University (ADU):

The financial aid program of ADU is known as the Sanabil-Qutoof program. The aid provided is between 10%-40% and depends upon your eligibility.

The initial Eligibility Criteria:

  • A minimum of 2.5 CGPA is essential
  • You must be enrolled in 6 credit hours per semester or 3 credit hours for winter and summer.
  • You should meet the English language proficiency requirements.

American University in the Emirates (AUE):

The university offers a variety of need-based aids and scholarships. Each of the scholarships has their certain criteria. Whether it is a grant, scholarship or discount, it is only applicable on your Tuition fee. You can enjoy the advantage of availing more than one discount or scholarships but, you’ll not be allowed to pay more than 40% semester fee from it. As every university has one or the other eligibility criteria, you need to be a full-time student to qualify for AUE’s aid.

Have you decided whether you’ll take the loan from university or bank? Great! We know it’s a hectic process but the more effective you are, the more opportunities you can avail. For further details, you may visit the website of the university or Bank.

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