Complete Guide To Write A Perfect CDR Paper

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for education by the students from all over the word due to the quality of education and teaching ways in the region. A number of students fly to Australia every month to get the finest quality of higher education. Another major reason for students preferring Australia is for its cheaper education prices as compared to US and UK while the quality staying intact.

People not only move to Australia for education but also to start their professional life. Mostly engineers are the ones to move to Australia since there are excellent job opportunities in the region with excellent additional benefits. However, there is one thing that you must know if you are an engineer and planning to move to Australia. That is CDR.

What is CDR?

CDR is the Competency Demonstration Report specifically for the engineers who are moving to Australia. People from countries – that are not the member of the Sydney Accord, the Washington Accord or the Dublin Accord – need to have a CDR to be able to practice engineering in Australia. CDR is not a single document, rather a compilation of several documents through which the Institute of Engineers Australia can demonstrate the individual’s engineering skills as well as the hold on English language.

Any engineer immigrating to Australia for career growth must have CDR which fully comply the specifications mentioned by the Immigration Officer. These specifications are designed by the Engineers Australia association which handles the hiring procedures of immigrant engineers. Usually the CDR consists of

  • The application form CDR
  • A self-signed and attested copy of your report clearly stating that your report has been exclusively written by you
  • Scanned and attested copies of your academic record
  • A copy of your CV
  • CPD listing or Continuing Profession Development listing
  • Your English test results, preferably IELTS
  • Career Episode Reports or CERs – 3 of them
  • A summary of your competencies and abilities based on your CERs

Other requirements include a recent passport-style photograph, certificates of your academic degree, valid passport, and official academic transcript. If these documents are in a different language then you will also have to provide an English translation of them.

Eligibility criteria for CDR

The eligibility criterion for CDR is not difficult or hard to achieve. You simply have to be a graduate or post-graduate in any engineering field. Secondly, you must have achieved your degrees from a recognized and accredited institute with a certain GPA. To confirm these requirements, as it can be different according to the country you have studied in, you should check the EA website. Additionally, you must have some work experience before moving to Australia to have sound career episodes written in the report as well as highly skilled in Australian English which would be demonstrated by the TOEFL or IELTS certificates.

How to write CDR?

A poorly written and submitted competency demonstration report can lead to rejection of your skilled migration visa for Australia. Therefore it is important that you carefully write the report with full concentration. Following is the right pattern to write CDR.

  • The CV should include all the details regarding your engineering work experience in a chronological order. Remember that you need to mention the employment you have done in the past, not the individual projects. The employment record should not exceed three pages.
  • The CPD should be mentioned in the list form and must be only one page long and nothing more.
  • There should be three career episodes; each must be around 1000-2500 words long. The paragraphs in the career episodes must be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2 etc according to the number of episode. It must be in English language only and should be written in the first person.
  • The numbering of paragraphs is essential as those would be used for cross-referencing with the summary statement.
  • The career episode should be in the essay format not the table format.
  • The CPD should be in the table format.
  • A single summary statement is supposed to cover all the three career episodes properly.

CDR writing is not an easy task to do and you need to be extremely alert and careful while writing the report. Mostly people take professional CDR Assignment Help to ensure high quality and well-written reports and avoid any sort of risk of rejection. These professional help are given by qualified engineers practicing in Australia who have a clear idea of the requirements and type of content that would attract and impress the Engineers Australia. An immigrant can only be judged through the CDR therefore, the concerned authorities check these reports very carefully.

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