How To Write An Executive Summary For A Research Paper

The hard work does not end after completing the research paper and you must have executive summary still due. Are you finding it hard and looking for a quick guide on how to write one properly? Well, you have reached the right place and now will definitely be able to learn the best way to write an excellent executive summary.

Executive summary is basically the summary of the entire thesis or the dissertation paper. It should be descriptive and informative enough for the reader to get an instant understanding of the content that is present in the entire paper. The executive summary should mention all the main points of the research along with the methodology and author’s contribution. Remember that if you mess u the executive summary, you might miss your only chance to impress certain people with your work since a lot of people only read the summary to get an idea of the entire paper and whether or not it would be helpful for them. Therefore, you must make it appropriate according to the paper.

Tips for an excellent executive summary

  • Always pay a lot of attention on the reading procedure. Thoroughly read though the article or dissertation for which you have to make an executive summary. The more you will read the article, the easier it will be for you to summarize the points properly and extensively.
  • Remember that you can magically recall things once you have finished reading. Therefore, the best solution is to highlight the main points during reading and everything which you think must be included in the executive summary so that it is easier to identify and write them down separately.
  • You should write the summary in your own words. Writing in own words not only save a lot of time but also ensures originality. Read the original text and simply rephrase the in your own words.
  • Start writing with the introduction. Introduce the main issue to your readers so that the purpose of the research also gets clear and simpler.
  • All the research documents are lengthy and quite detailed. Whereas, the executive summary is a brief overview of the entire document. Brief is the keyword here. Make sure your executive summary is not too long and can be easily read in a few minutes. The details are for the main document so adding them in the summary will make it look like an exact copy of the document.
  • The paragraphs of the summary should be short and precise, however, make sure that you are not missing out on any important information or main point from the original document.
  • The summary should not sound like a jumbled up mixture of the words. It should be genuine and fully relevant to the original document. Make sure the factors you include in the summary are mentioned in the chronological order just like the original document.
  • Use the tone and language appropriate to the targeted audience to have a greater impact on the readers’ mind.
  • Avoid using cliché phrases and terms in the summary such as core competency, groundbreaking etc. Keep it as short as possible and there is no need of adding irrelevant phrases and terms.
  • Do not forget to mention the solution of the major problem that you have discussed in the original document. Executive summary is a summary not a review; therefore, you should add all the important information like the problems and their solutions in the summary as well.

If you are done with your research paper writing Dubai, then what are you waiting for? Start working on the executive summary of the document. No doubt writing the summary is really tricky since compressing a lengthy text in just a few lines is quite hard and almost impossible but you can do it by following the mentioned above points. In the end, you will definitely be able to write an excellent executive summary which you had been dreading since long.

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