Machine Learning: Improvement In Education

The world is advancing and so is the education system. It is not the same old textbook era; rather it is more of a digital era. There are machines in every sector of life so why not in the education sector where the future generations are getting prepared to run the world. Machine learning is an excellent technology to be introduced in the classroom as there are a number of ways in which the education sector will be improved.

Great support for the teachers

Traditionally a teacher has to keep grading books with them in order to keep the students’ academic record within reach at all times. It is not easy to carry those heavy books in which a lot of data is saved. However, machine learning is an excellent support in the form of data mining and there is software to store students’ academic records as well as grade them in real time with accuracy.

Accurate analysis of student performance

Machine learning enhances accurate analyses of student performance throughout the term. A machine is able to learn different personalities and approaches of students on an individual basis. This makes it easier and smoother to analyze their performance and how well they are learning from the class lectures and retaining the knowledge.

Test students

Testing student is much easier and convenient with machine learning. Every student learns and retains knowledge differently which traditional teaching style cannot identify and learn. However, with the help of machine learning each student could be tested according to his learning style and the teachers can get a clear idea of how effective the teaching process has been.

Accurate and immediate grading

Due to workload or the great number of students, it is nearly impossible to grade the entire class right after a test or assignment. Even though it affects the learning procedure of students, teachers just cannot do it. However, with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, teachers can now program the technology according to the right answers for online assignment writing and the students can be graded immediately after the test. It lets the students analyze their performances and identify their weakness and strengths.

Enhances customized learning

Machine learning enables customized learning according to the student’s learning abilities. The same topic can be taught in different ways to different students in their own learning style. Some students are rote learners and some are visual learners. With the help of machine learning, teachers can easily prepare a topic in different ways to ensure maximum learning and productivity in the class.

Effective content management

Content management is much easier with machine learning. Machine can easily keep a track and maintain the amount of learning the individual has reached. Once the student has learned a specific skill, the machine can directly move on to the next skill to maintain learning continuity and knowledge retaining. It is not at all possible in the case of traditional teaching style since teachers cannot remember the learning progress of each individual in big classrooms and neither can they teach according to a single individual’s progress.

Easier student retention

Since the entire academic record of all the students in the institute is saved in the software, it can also easily analyze and identify the students that are at risk. This excellent feature enables the teachers to reach out to such students and pay them extra attention to understand their academic problems and help them overcome them.

Group learning and teaching

Machine learning is an excellent effective way to group together specific students that have similar requirements and allot them different teachers according to their expertise and availability. If a student knows a specific skill, they can join a different group where a new skill is being taught and can easily save a lot of time. Similarly teachers can be assigned to different group of students according to their availability and subject expertise.

Machine learning is an excellent advancement in the education sector and not only improves the quality of education but can also increase the literacy rate across the globe since there is much more flexibility and convenience in machine learning.

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