CIPD Resources and Talent Management – Formative Assessment 3

CIPD Level 7 – Resources and Talent Management Assignment Sample – Formative Assessment 3 (40572/18) 7RTM

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The recruitment and development of employees in order to become more valuable for the organization is one of the major roles of person conducting resourcing. Fulfilling the responsibilities of resourcing for call centre involves conducting job analyses, hiring right people for job, planning needs of the personnel, providing orientation and training, management of salaries, provision of incentives and benefits, analyzing employee performance, resolving employee conflict and communicating with workers at different positions in the company (Nikolaou and Oostrom, 2015). This requires having extensive knowledge of industry, effective negotiation skills and leadership qualities. This report is aimed at discussing how part time HR responsibilities were managed effectively, lawfully and professionally and how effective planning was undertaken.

Effective and Efficient Human Resource Management

The role of resourcing for a business can be complex because great attention is needed to be paid to organizational goals and needs along with making sure that rights of the employees are fulfilled. It also depends on organizational effectiveness and training, compensation and benefits that how people are attracted towards a position in the organization. The role of the person responsible for resourcing is significant as workforce puts trust on him for vital confidential information (Nankervis, et. al, 2016). HR responsibilities were managed effectively by helping company culture to grow with business and take the path of valuable and honest feedback from employees regarding business leaders. There was a great to need to understand whole business and then deliver approaches on attracting and retaining employees for meeting organizational objectives. The information on call center allowed contributing to strategic direction and growth of whole company. Staffing new talent is also important for maintaining competitive advantage thus it was important that right people were recruited. Selection of the new employee was done by keeping in mind that those people are hired that can thrive in the company culture. It was also ensured that systems are available for providing valuable and honest feedback.

For resourcing, conducting effective job analysis was also vital. The content of job that is job requirements, attributes and activities that are involved in the role are performed correctly. This job analysis allows determining which candidates will be best suited for performing specific job responsibilities. It is also important to manage existing employees by creating methods of employee engagement. Environment would be provided for team work, continuous improvement and collaboration. It is important to ensure that new employee is able to understand business importance of being customer centric. New people would be attracted to organization by getting existing employees collaboration. The built-in chain of connections and employee referrals would be used for directing new talent (Burks, et. al, 2015). Employees would be made the part of recruitment process. A referral incentive program would be initiated through which current employee of call centre will be motivated financially for referring stellar candidates. This would allow the call centre to set up a system of mutual beneficence as organization would gain new quality talent and workers will get rewards such as prime parking spot, money or extra vacation days. Another effective strategy is to tap into local communities for finding perfect candidate. For instance, call centre is looking for customer service representative then representative from the company can be send to events, lectures and meet ups related to customer services. This will allow tapping into a specific talent pool for finding best talent. Open house activities would be arranged which will let only interested candidates to contact organization. A company wide open house arrangement and sending out invitations to potential hires would help. The candidates who are genuinely interested in the position would already pass the initial screening process of HR.

Lawful and Professional Resource Management

Hiring of new employees and process after recruitment needs to take place professionally and lawfully. The major function of resourcing is related to identifying, hiring and retaining of people in the organization. For executing effective strategy and achieving goals, it is important that organization compliance to laws. There are variety of regulations and laws associated with employment relationship. These laws must be understood by HR professional and effective implementation must be ensured for avoiding any kind of penalties and costly fines, thereby eliminating any potential harm to reputation of organization. The laws which will be made sure for regulating employer-employee relationship involve Fair Labor Standards Act. This allows establishing minimum wage and rights for protecting overtime pay of workers. The federal civil rights laws also protect employees from discriminating on basis of age, gender, race and other statuses that allow making right hiring and firing decisions (Noe, et. al, 2017). The terms and conditions would also be set for employment such as Family and Medical Leave Act would ensure that employees are allowed to take twelve weeks of unpaid leave every year in particular conditions. This law will also ensure that their position remains protected until they return back. Implementation of such laws in the organizations would attract new employees and get them interested in the role. Other laws that can make call centre employment attractive are Employee Retirement Income Security Act implementation. Equal right act and employee safety are also among some laws whose implementation would be made sure in the organization.

Professional conduct of resourcing is also extremely important. The responsibility of resourcing is administrative which influenced strategic side of call centre. Therefore, it will be important to develop confidence and trust along with leadership. Collaboration with business executives would allow knowing business direction and performance expectations in better way (Marchington, et. al, 2016). This will also contribute in deciding tactics that would be used for used for talent management in order to achieve call centre’s objectives. This would drive different strategic solutions and allow HR to offer innovative ideas for all departments. It will also allow understanding business issues in a better way and then recruit new people accordingly.

Planning and Implementation of HRM

Effective and efficient implementation of resourcing strategy is important for hiring right people. In a responsible position for resourcing, a plan will be followed for hiring people effectively. The first step in the process of resourcing will involves preparing an effective job description. For attracting right candidates to call centre it is significant that effective job description is prepared. This involves describing tasks, requirements, advantages of position and working conditions accurately. If this step is undertaken correctly then much time would be saved from examining and rejecting applications which are unsuitable. The next step will involve using right tools for recruitment. Finding a way that promotes job ad is important. This depends on type of the candidate call centre is looking for and budget of the company. The right use of tool will increase exposure. It is also important to keep track of results and determine tools which work best for call centre. The next stage is to conduct first screen of applicants that is resumes which have been received will be reviewed (Cascio, 2015). If this step is done carefully then it will save a lot of time at stage of interview. Interview of candidates would be held for confirming qualifications, determining job matches to call centre’s expectations and check if candidates are suitable for company culture. Once suitable candidates have been short listed, job will be offered and candidate would be given few days for deciding for joining.


Based on the analysis conducted above it can be concluded that responsibility of resourcing is one of the most vital duty in an organization. Hiring right people for the job requires proper planning and developing description regarding key roles (Snell, et. al, 2015). The employees could be attracted to an organization through employee referrals and open house activities. A plan will be followed for attracting and recruiting new people which would allow effective achievement of call centre’s objectives.



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