UAE – A Student VISA Friendly Country!

According to the Visa policy of the UAE that was recently revised, students will not be able to have a five year visa, rather than the one year term that was previously in place. That’s not it. There are also plans by the UAE government to give 10 year visa extensions or residency to students with exceptional performance records. Moreover, those students who are dependent on their parents will be able to apply for visa extension once they graduate.

This whole new shift is actually a greater part of UAEs plan to move from an oil and gas dependent economy to a knowledge based economy for which, it needs to gather more of the innovative minds around the world and students staying longer may also want to work in UAE, if offered employment. This will also serve to ease the tensions or anxieties of the students who have to worry about visa renewal, saving them the hassle and expenses of the lengthy visa renewal process. Thus, these plans would attract more and more students from around the globe.

The UAE has aimed to be a hub or centre for education in the region for quite some time now. It is making good on it and its education related promises as well. It already has the second-highest number of university branch campuses in the world, second only to China. However, more and more campuses are being established for international students and almost 40% of the students enrolled at these branch campuses are attending one of the top ranked universities of the world. Due to the current measures undertake, there is an expected rise in the number of students planning on coming to Dubai to study. The visa extension measure is largely motivated by the endeavor to tying different industries to the academic institutions.

Therefore, if you live in an Asian country or a South Asian country – even better, since the trips to and from Dubai would be a matter of hours, Dubai can be a great destination for you to go and study. Most students are hesitant to choose UAE because of Visa issues and fears that, the educational opportunities may not be up to the mark. However, both of these issues are actively being catered to, by the UAE government, and you can now not only complete your education but also explore future prospects at the same time. If you are a student who wishes to study and work, while expecting the education to directly lead to lucrative career outcomes, UAE might just be the destination you are looking for. This is also in line with the international student mobility trends that are evolving due to the increased higher education opportunities as well as the student’s preference towards such programs that can offer tangible employability.

It is pertinent to mention that UAE has already made a name with its internationally oriented education strategies as a consequence of which, British Council ranks UAE #2 for quality assurance and degree recognition. This is as a result of the large scale effort of the UAE government to ensure the provision of a wide variety of universities and courses while also encouraging the students to pursue high-quality education.

It is however expected that UAE would be experiencing a significant growth in the number of international students selecting it for their higher education, due to the latest policy measures and higher education related vision of its rulers.

When we consider the fact that, the latest UAE visa policy is in strong contrast to what US, UK, and even CANADA have to offer, since their visa ends soon as the study program ends, while the UAE visa would be valid even after the end of the study program, UAE turns out to be a better prospect for study than any of the big players concerning higher education. As the western countries are toughening their visa acquiring processes, making it more difficult, UAE continues to take the right steps to improve the situation, which is why the number of students coming to study is set to increase 50% in the upcoming 5 years.

From an employment perspective too, Dubai can prove to be just what you are looking for, since you would be spending more time you have ample opportunity to look for jobs and attain your desirable job. You would be able to focus on new ideas, contribute more positively towards new ideas in your class, develop the necessary skills and hence jumpstart your career. Another factor in this whole development is the aspect of assignment help. There are numerous online services available in the UAE that could help you succeed with your academic writing needs in a cost effective way, since you would be doing a lot of academic related writing.

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